Urban Building Projects recognise the general principles of prevention and protection as stated in the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and all other relevant statutory provisions. An ongoing policy for Health & Safety training ensures that both managerial staff and site operatives are continually updated in all aspects of our work.

Company Procedures for Active Managements of Health & Safety

Active Monitoring

The Active Monitoring carried out by the management of Urban Building Projects Ltd is a measure of Health & Safety in the preventive area. Regular work place inspections are carried out by the Director of Safety and whist constantly looking for the more obvious hazards, compliance with ever changing standards is also monitored and objectives for a safe and healthy working environment are planned before any incidents are occur. In addition to the regular inspections, additional checks are also made whenever there are significant changes in the nature and the scale of company operations. These inspections also provide an opportunity to review the continuing effectiveness of the company’s Health & Safety Policy and to identify areas where revision of the H & S Policy, or any other company policy many be necessary.

Reactive Monitoring

In addition to the Active Monitoring, Urban Building Projects Ltd has a policy for Reactive Monitoring which looks at any accidents or dangerous occurrences/incidents and records how they occurred and how they were reported and investigated. Such information is then fed back to the Active preventive monitoring system.

Where a discrepancy is identified, both forms of monitoring follow the system of response as set out below:

• Asses the action required to deal with the immediate risks
• Asses the level and type of investigation required
• Carry out an investigation and record it
• Report and analyse the findings of that investigation
• Review all relevant Health & Safety issues, including the monitoring systems themselves

Where considered necessary, carry out relevant Risk Assessments & Method Statements to ensure all future operations are safe and notify all operatives of any changes required.

Urban Building recently completed a health and safety course

The team completed the course which included First Aid training and Asbestos Awareness.


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